Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Fun Night To Game Drink

It's New Years Eve, and if you're not apt to go out and party like the rest of the world, there are a few quaint video game related drinking games to keep you entertained for the evening, with a nice hangover on the ensuing morning. Some of these are in-game drinking, and others require literal drinking. In fact, you can drink with the in-game drinking and make it doubly fun! Just know your limits and keep the driving to GTA or Forza.

Star Fox 64: Do the f-ing Barrel Roll and take a shot! Seriously, you'll be so hammered after the first mission, you won't see it coming. And the GTA one is pretty simple: take a drink every time you gain a star for the Wanted Level gauge. Even more fun is to get your character drunk first and THEN start causing mayhem. If you go with GTA4, the effects of being drunk last longer. Which is more destruction and awesome times.

 Another classic is Golden Gun Roulette with Goldeneye, the person who receives the famed Golden Gun in multiplayer doesn't have to drink, everyone else does. And if you're shot with the gun? You take a swig. Or Mario Party works along the same lines, where if you earn a star you take a drink, of earn a star from the  randomly placed "star space" everyone else takes a hit.

See adults. Games are fun for drunken parties too!

Or if you need something different from games, try the Light Side-Dark Side-Force game. Watch all 6 Star Wars movies back to back, and anytime one of the aforementioned words is spoken, you take a drink. The furthest I've seen someone go is through Episode 4, just as the movie ended. He couldn't handle anymore after that.

Safe partying tonight everyone! And if you're stuck at work, like me, try not to let the crazies get to you.


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