Thursday, December 19, 2013

DRM Reversal On The Reversal For XBox One?

People were freaking out yesterday after a livestream of a Killer Instinct gaming session on the XBox One went "viral," when a pause in gameplay was caused by the console as a message appeared on the console: insert your game disc or buy it at the Microsoft store.  The 24-hour check-in looked like it had made a comeback on the XBox One.

Bah! Damn you Microsoft! You said no DRM! Nerd Rage! I can sense the flips of tables around the world.

But let’s calm down everyone and try to figure this out. Look! There’s a quote direct from Microsoft about it:

 As we have said previously, there is no DRM check-in every 24 hours. Reports that say otherwise are inaccurate and false. Buying a game online makes it easy to play anywhere, on any XBox One. All you have to do is sign into your Xbox Live account  and you are instantly authorized to play any content that you’ve purchased on that XBox.”  

That’s fine and dandy, but that doesn’t really help with the situation that happened to the gamers playing Killer Instinct. From the looks of things, the system is trying to verify that his copy of the game is legit, and he was booted from the game. So the question is what’s up with the message?

When Gaming Blend asked a Microsoft representative to clarify, they started that it looked like the game wasn’t actually booting them, but that XBox Live may have disconnected, and the system was asking to reconnect. Now technically if the game is stopping while in mid-play (the rep claims this may have been between rounds) to ask you to insert the game disc and verify it for XBox Live purposes is a form of DRM. Being booted from XBox Live for a connection issue is one thing. But the console actively checking to ensure you have a legit copy of the product is another.

The message is still a quandary…what does it mean? Some people have commented that they see this constantly on their system, while others are oblivious to it. But why is it appearing in the first place if the system isn't "suppose" to check the serial codes on the games?


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