Friday, December 20, 2013

E.T. Desert Dump

No. Nolan is not involved in the project and this isn't
New Mexico, but it's an amusing picture none-the-less.

Microsoft’s new Xbox Entertainment Studio is underway with producing content for the XBox One. The first TV series will begin production in January where, get this, the first episode is to go out to Alamogordo, New Mexico and dig up the old Atari cartridges buried there in 1983 after the video game crash.

The show will be a documentary series focusing on the 1983 crash and subsequent dumping of the games. The production company Lightbox, whom produced Man On Wire and American High, will be there to film and act as primary documenters for the series. They approached Zak Penn, who wrote The Avengers, with the concept and took off with it. The cartridge dump is not only legendary, but it’s also a lore that still fascinates us, much in the way of where Jimmy Hoffa’s body is buried.  But it’s a mythos that lives on because, in truth, no one has any photographic proof that it happened. We all believe it did because that’s what they told us. No one has gone out and dug up the area because it  requires permits, licenses, and Atari to agree to it, on top of all of the legal proceedings that had to occur to get permission.

It’s a treat for all gamers, needless to say. There is no word on when the show will air, but with filming beginning in January, it should be before 2015.


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