Friday, December 06, 2013

Freebe Time For FF11!

Final Fantasy XI is 11 years old.

My how time flys.

And with the FF14 MMO taking off and still continual server issues with the massive number of people playing, FF11 is trying to pull back from of their older players with a new twist on their "Return to Vana'diel" campaign.

Starting December 11th, FF11 will go into Free to Play mode for two weeks, until December 23rd. That's plenty of time for older players to catch up with the brand new expansion pack, try the new jobs, see the new content and story lines, and go back to visit your old haunts. Yes, the Shitadel is still there. Originally this was limited to active Playonline accounts, but that's silly. How can you get old members to come back if their account, such as mine, is no longer active? So it's for all accounts that have ever played FF11. If your account is no longer active, they are reactivating it for this time period. No sign-ups are needed. Also included is a download of the game so you don't have to hunt for your discs either.

11 years of FF11. Man. I'm feeling really old now.


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