Monday, December 09, 2013

Game of Thrones - The Other Game

I’m not going to talk about the VGX, SpikeTV’s video game award show that isn’t on SpikeTV anymore but now online. Except to link to GameSpot’s pre-awards review of what’s going on, what they think will happen, and what the hell the X stands for in VGX. 

But there was one announcement made on VGX that may help to bring more mainstream folks into gaming: Game of Thrones, the game! Yes the George R. R. Martin books turned tv show are now being developed into a game courtesy of Telltale Games, the same studio behind The Walking Dead games. Much like Walking Dead, it will be episodic releases starting in 2014 with more of a resemblance of the tv series and less of the books. Most likely the game’s first release will coincide with season 4 of Thrones in the spring. 


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