Friday, December 27, 2013

Games, Games, and More Games

Good Friday to you fare readers. I'm still working out the kinks of the new template - a few things have been adjusted but others are still in the works, and I swear the logo keeps looking uglier by the minute- as such, you're getting a link round-up.

Forbes picks out Five games they would like to see ported to next gen consoles. Read that as: this is a really stupid list. They took five games that have been released this year, most of them within the past few months, that already look amazing and play quite well. Porting them seems...dumb. looks at The Novelist, a game where you're a ghost who haunts a family, learns about them, and tries to persuade the dad to be a good father in his dreams. The article looks at why this game fails as a game  due to it's repetitive plot points and interpretive means of pushing the story forward (because everyone writes out all of their secrets on post-it notes).

Video Game Crossovers That Need To Happen! Or maybe not. NZGamer seems to think so...I'm just shaking my head at the simplicity. Let's be more creative guys. Legend of Zelda with Slederman. Try to figure that one out. :D

Michael Thomasson is officially the holder of the largest video game collection, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. He owns just shy of 11,000 games, varying from discs to cartridges. Interestingly enough, he had started this collection twice, only to have sold them off (the first time was to buy a Sega Genesis, the second was to pay for his wedding). But a good wife that man has; she supports the hobby as long as they had a budget set in stone for it.


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    1. Since you're on Blogger, you should be fine. Google has a pretty good system in place that has been integrated with their services for Blogger. The ease of Blogger is also the bane of Blogger, in that we're limited on customization (which can lead to hacking issues). But it also makes it much safer to use versus other mediums.

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