Friday, December 20, 2013

Going Home

I'm just going to leave this article here and let you all have at it. I rarely find something so well composed these days, but the Moving Pixels blog on PopMatters is fits. The discussion of Gone Home continues to trudge forward as people determine if it's worthy of being labeled a "game" or if it could be better defined in some other medium.

Right now you can get on sale through their website or Steam for $9.99. It's worth the look, if you're into something new or just want a different gaming experience. Hell, a different story experience would be more accurate. You can plow through the "primary" story line in a few hours, but you miss the point of being involved in the universe. There's a reason why so many critics and writers are latching on to this title. It's the fresh dip into the uncharted waters that the industry needs right now.

Read the article. It can explain the game and the concept so much better then I could at the moment. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around what the heck the game is.


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