Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So I’m Not The Only One Seeing Salon.com’s Crapfest About Games!

Glad to read it from other internet users that it’s not just me...I posted about Salon.com in the past in a reaction piece about The Legend of Zelda being sexist and elitist, as well as cruel to animals. When really, we all know better and the animals are cruel to Link. Damn chickens. And it gave me a great excuse to showcase as many chicken’s pummeling Link photos as I could muster without overpowering the blog post. 

But I’m not alone! Stan Rezaee, a community writer on VentureBeat, took to an opinion response about the lack of quality going on at Salon.com regarding their gaming articles. 

So to no surprise they have published several ill-written articles that have been very critical of the video game industry and culture. However unlike their typical cry baby banter; none of the writers could be considered experts because most of them admit to not having actually played or know anything about the video games they are discussing. Worse is that on several occasions they have published articles that reinforce the junk science that video games makes the player violent (a myth disproved by countless studies).”

The quality of Salon.com has been going downhill. It was once a pinnacle of ideas presented by scholastic-endeavored minds, but backed up with real research from people within the field of expertise. Now it’s becoming the playground of anyone with an opinion regardless of their talents or specialties. People who hate games are allowed to rant and rave as though they have been gaming their entire lives.

But I’m glad that others are seeing the flaws in these types of posts: they don’t represent the real gaming community but a media-enhanced shamefest. I realize that I may be no different, in that this is my personal blog where I spout my own opinions. I get that. But I also do what I can to ensure that I bring you multiple perspectives, evidence, research, and fully developed opinions before presenting them to you, the reader. Hopefully that’s a step up from most of the scum you can find online.


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