Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weekly WebLink Roundup

Fun stuff on the internet today. If there's time I may have a followup posting, but for now, this will do. The internet has brought us goodies and I wish to share.

First up, Kotaku has a list of the top gaming searches of 2013 through Google. The results are surprising to them, but not so much to me. Candy Crush and Cookie Clicker are on the top and there is no Call of Duty in sight. Sign of the times at how the community is changing.

The Smithsonian is adding two more games to their permanent collection: Flower and Halo 2600. Wait, what? Yep, the museum is adding in more in independent pieces. These two represent the diversity and uniqueness of gaming. Halo 2600 in particular, spinning a well-known and graphic intensive franchise into an Atari dreamland. :D

Leigh Alexander's Top 5 games of 2013 are out. I like Leigh. I enjoy her work and her candidness. So look at this as "Indie Games Best Of".

And of course from my home, The Dallas Morning News game gift guide for all ages. And I can't believe they suggested Call of Duty for "some teens." M rated game guys...good job! Their warning is half-assed. *rolls eyes*


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