Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Epic Plans To Continue Making Games

Don't know if you all are aware, but Epic Games sold the Gears of War franchise to Microsoft yesterday. Yep. Their flagship product is now in the hands of Microsoft. It gives Microsoft the power to pretty much do whatever they want with the series, from making a new game to locking it up and preventing it from releasing on other platforms.

But what about Epic? Are they going to die out now that their core series is gone? A spokesman for the company this morning went on Twitter to help put the minds of gamers at ease. Epic will still make games, just not Gears of War. They have multiple games in development, such as Fortnite, a survial/action/crafting game (I'm curious at the notion at mixing the genres), and is a subsidiary of the Infinity Blade series on the iOS.

Oh, and the Unreal Engine. That's kind of important too.

But many are speculating that this is the end of Epic Games and making games, moving more towards the business end of being the money backer and tech guru. Mike Capps, Cliff B., and Rod Fergusson have all left the company since 2012. So it's not surprising to at least assume that Epic wants to distance themselves. Time will only tell, as cliche as that sounds.


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