Monday, January 20, 2014

Moving Gaming To The Literary Elite

It's not a game about libraries, but you get the idea.
Did you know that some libraries are carrying video games now? No seriously. They are. Delaware County in Ohio received so many requests to add games to their facilities, that the library is now offering a selection to rent out to patrons.

I checked my local libraries to see if they were jumping into this trend as well, or if they at least have eBooks available for temporary download. Sadly, the Dallas area seems to be really lagging behind on technology. CD's are about as high tech as some of the facilities will go in terms of rental. Lame.

The Delaware County Library chose games after researching and reviewing the ESRB guidelines on each product. It doesn't state in the article if they have M rated content. But a quick search on their website and it appears to be more family friendly content, nothing above a T rating. They have racing games, puzzles, platformers, a wide variety of content. Even more interesting is that they carry PS4 and XboxOne games, where most libraries are pre-PS3/Xbox360 content. That's impressive.

So look out libraries. You might get more requests for games in the future. In fact, I'm sending in a suggestion form to mine right now. I should be able to get technology above a music CD. Just saying.


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