Monday, January 27, 2014

When Doom Was King

So The Guardian talked to some of the original creators of the game Doom. Not entirely sure why; there isn't an event for it and the 20th anniversary was last year as the game originally released in 1993. But talked to the men in charge they did, and it's interesting to see what they used as inspiration for the game.

"We started work on something new in January 1993, putting out a press release announcing all the revolutionary things it was going to do: we said we fully expected it to cause the biggest loss of productivity in the world ever."

Well...Doom did just that. And with the inspiration of Dungeons and Dragons, Aliens, and Tom Cruise, Doom was born.

Much of what we, as gamers, like about Doom is the speed of the game play (something we never experienced with other first person shooters at the time), the efficiency of aiming and shooting, and the scary moments. Yep. Doom was scary. Many of the moments we remember about the game are when we're sitting outside the doors in near darkness and listening to the sounds of the demons waiting to pounce on us. And then you open the door to a single light bulb, swinging back and forth, completely distracting you as you try and target the enemies. Stalking right behind you is another monster, pouncing and tearing you to shreds...that sh*t was scary.

The interview/op-ed piece is worth the read to see what the early days of Doom were like from a development and creative standpoint.


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