Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Military and Game Toys?

Another roundup because...things be busy online yo.

The Economist looks at why video games are just so gosh darn addictive! And some of their reasoning is fairly decent. It wavers from those wanting to release stress and aggression, to others wanting to learn how to lead, or how to control certain aspects of their life that they can not grapple. There's also fun. Fun is important.

Could the video game/toy hybrid save the industry? Well it looks like an ad for Skylanders and Disney, but it does bring up some good points about how much gaming has changed over the years and our need to expand and try new things. Innovation is a good thing.

And the military is taking over our games. Oh no! Well at least the weapons are. The US military and others have been purchasing gaming consoles to prep our warriors, and have even cracked open a Nintendo Wii to help disable a bomb. This article surprised me at just how creative our military has become with current technology and bending it to their will.


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