Friday, February 28, 2014


That Minecraft movie may be happening sooner then expected. Co-founder Markus Persson wanted to be the first to leak that they were in talks with Warner Bros. about making a film based on the game. While Mojang did shut down a fan film earlier this month, the company is not opposed to making a major motion picture.

And yes, even they think that they might be jumping the shark.

WB has plans to turn it into a live action feature utilizing some of the same team that developed The Lego Movie. But Live Action seems...kind of dumb. It's Minecraft. Part of the charm is the fact that it is a pixilated wonder. To replicate that on a film is not only important, but uber cheap. I mean, cheap cheap. So cheap it would be one hell of a return on the investment and then some.

With Minecraft also celebrating 100 million registered users, it's a good time to capitalize on the craze. Hey if South Park can create an entire episode around the game, what's to stop WB from doing the same thing? They already make foam pix-axes for sale, that you'll find on every convention floor ever. But live action? Really? Let's not taint the art of Minecraft.


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