Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Send A Personalized Game For Any Occasion

Greeting Games started with a simple concept: why should you personally have to know how to code games in order to manipulate them and add in your special message? Instead, the company will do the work for you and send a customized game, from within a template of their library, to your friends and loved ones. And if you need a last minute Valentine's Day gift, the site is set to fully launch just before the 'romantic' day. Currently it is in beta mode, and allows users to send out digital cards for free, but once it is fully live, games can be sent out individually or through a subscription service.

Games are mostly puzzles such as Sudoku and Bejewled, but others include a slash and swipe along the lines of Fruit Ninja. Ard Bonewald, owner of Greeting Games, says they are starting out small and plan to gradually grow their library by offering different types of games, even so far as producing their own RPG ala Nintendo old-school Zelda, with a multitude of hidden notes and gifts throughout the game.

"It's fun because you can send a game to people who aren't that enthusiastic about games," Bonewald said. "But they do like it when they get a message from you."

But for the most part, their target audience are non-gamers or those who are interested in mobile games: things that are quick, easy, and for the most party largely played and understood by the greatest number of people. Everyone knows Pac-Man and Angry Birds. Modeling games off of those will reach a wider target group.

It's a mixture of greeting cards and games, both still very large businesses in the U.S. And while greetings cards tend to focus more on physical notes, with eCards having a constant up and down falling out with consumers, Bonewald has high hopes for his company.

And it's a solid idea. I'd love to send one of these personally games to a friend on a birthday. It gives them something fun to do and kill some time while letting them know that I was thinking about them during their special day. How can you go wrong?


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