Friday, March 28, 2014

Leland Yee Might Be Cozying Up With Disbarred Attorney Jack Thompson

California state senator Leland Yee, a Democrat who was the spearhead in the initial law that would criminalize retailers for selling M rated games to children, and subsequently pursued the case up to the Supreme Court, defending it, has just been indited for bribery, wire fraud, and may be a possible member of a crime syndicate.

I'm just going to leave it at that, go off to my corner, and laugh my ass off. Yes, I know. I'm a bad person. I'm not laughing at him for going through the mess he now gets to handle. It's the irony of "video games are corrupting our kids" and yet! and yet here you are, Mister Senator, setting the worse possible example for kids by lying, cheating, and supporting fraud. That has a much greater impact on children and how they view adults and the world then any video game ever could.


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