Friday, March 14, 2014

PlayStation Now, Now?

I can already feel the anguish from GameFly as Sony begins posting more information about their PlayStation Now services through PSN. Spotted just this morning on the network, some games can be made available for rental for as few as 7 days, and up to 30 days. For free...with a subscription of course. You can go with a one time rental fee and pay per game, or have a subscription to rent and own multiple games at once. Fees have yet to be determined or announced.

None of the content is live yet as the Now services are still in closed testing, but reports have been positive so far. The launch is expected this summer, but may be bumped up sooner since content is already making it's way onto the PSN. But Sony has stated that a connection of at least 5mbs would benefit consumers for a low-latency, higher quality gaming service. So DSL or nothing. Still, I'm excited. As a gamer who doesn't have much time to game as she'd like, a rental here and there directly streamed to my system would be utilized.


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