Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Web of Tubes

Weekly web round up with some random things circling the intertubes.

Let's start out with Nintendo reaffirming it's position to shareholders that it is not giving up on gaming nor is it shifting away from first-party platforms. After a third straight year of underwhelming profits, board members have been pressuring the company to change directions with the business model. Nintendo wants none of that and vows to continue doing what it does best: make great games for everyone to play together.

The fine folks at Rev3Games take a look at the original Superman game and how it started the need for a game rating system. No not Superman 64. That's just a bad game. A bad game isn't the reason. There's more to it then that.

Rhianna Pratchett, video game writer, took to The Escapist's forums to talk about how being a writer for a video game actually works. Hint: It's not one person working on a script. Usually you have a team of 5-20 people working on the same story.

The new Batman Arkham game trailer has been leaked a few days early and is expected to release later this year. Arkham Knight is surprising gamers by being a next-gen console title only. Oh and PC. Because it's PC. But PS3 and 360 users are being asked to "get with the times" sooner then expected. You won't see this game ported to older systems. This will be a PS4/One/PC game only.


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