Thursday, March 27, 2014

White Male Privilage In Geek Culture

Truth time: It took me 15 minutes to find a photo for
this post. Googling "geek girl" prompted the Halloween
'sexy' costumes, lots of half-nude women with black, over-sized
glasses, or stereotypical 1980's movie/tv geeks.
Why haven't we evolved to show REAL geek women?
I'm just going to leave this here for you all to enjoy and walk away.




Oh fine. I'll talk about it for a few. My friend Katelyn linked me this article, because she thought of me and the "wall of sex" term I love to use around Halloween when costumes are  out in-mass for sale. And the article is very much worth taking the time to sit down and read. It was written in 2011, and it took me 2 breaks and some of lunch to get through it all. The brief synopsis is a look at why and how women are being out-casted by geek culture and how men are prompting it.

I was tickled by this portion:

"Everybody loves Olivia Munn when she enters the room ass-cheeks first as Aeon Flux, but nobody is particularly concerned by the girls dressed in a baseball tee, jeans and ballet flats. One of these is welcomed into geek culture with open arms, the other has to justify their existence in the first place."

Can I hear an Amen? Since being deemed the Nerd Princess by Brian Ashcraft on Kotaku, Munn hasn't lived up to the ideal that geek women would have liked in a role model. She's a beautiful women. And flaunts it in a way that asks for unrealistic expectations for others to follow. And why would we want to follow her? Well it's so we get accepted in the geek community, of course. And how do we do that? We have to cater to the single, white men who dominate the system.

I type some of that in jest, but there is truth to it.

By the way, this was written by a white male who would fit into the "elite privileged" group being discussed. Yep. Worth the read.

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