Monday, March 24, 2014

Yes. Trade-In Game Values Still Suck

I can admit to being exhausted today. So much so that any sensation news headline is grabbing my attention. Like this one!

'How video game stores are ripping you off.'

Woah. That's a serious accusation, news-dot-com-dot-au. But away I click. Let's see what you have to say.

The story focuses on the horrible trade in values for video games. And that's a "no duh, Sherlock" moment if I've ever had one. Games that are traded in to retailers are going to be for a much lower value then their original purchase price. Example: When you buy a car brand new, use it for a few years, and want to trade-in in, do you expect to get your full retail value of the car from the time you purchased it? Of course not! The car has been driven for years. It has door dings, paint chips, ass marks on the seats, and a poorly tuned stereo. When you sell it, it'll be at a lower value BECAUSE it's used. The same principle applies to video games. To expect full retail on a used product is...silly. No one would be in business still if they did that! There's no profit or gain to a company to do that.

And really, it's just the writer feeling bad for his brother that he didn't get the "full value" of his products. Whelp, that was his choice. No one at the store forced him to accept the trade. He could have left at any time and try his luck with eBay or an auction site online. But he didn't.

It also didn't address the WHY part of stores giving not-so-great trade-in values.

Good job with the crappy article guys. I'll roam the internet a little longer to find a better story to make fun of. 'Turkey attempts to ban Twitter in country.' That's more like it!

But because I can't say it enough, people, when you have a game or system you want to sell, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Sometimes the eBay route won't produce the same money as trading it into a store. Watch GameStop's flyers for their  50% additional trade-in, which will stack if you have the GameStop card (at 10% more for each trade). BestBuy does this as well. Just a few more helpful tips to get you more money on your trade, instead of bashing the system because your brother didn't pay attention. :)


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