Friday, April 04, 2014

EA Only A 2 Year "Worse Company" Winner

I was letting some of the sadness subside before posting this, but EA's third year run to winning "Worse Company in America" via The Consumerist has failed, losing to Time Warner after the first round. To be fair, EA vs. Time Warner is always a tough choice. But EA will not win a third year trophy of the golden poo.

EA doesn't want to be hated and they're trying to do better. They dumped the Online Pass and DRM rules that plagued gamers for years. The CEO, who had high sales but low approval numbers, stepped down. SimCity was a mess and the NCAA fiasco will set them back. But they weren't 'as bad' of a company as the past two years have been.

So good job Time Warner. You sucked worse then EA. How does that make you feel?


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