Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Game changing Accessories - Literally

As if gaming controllers weren't getting weird enough, Stanford engineers believe they have developed the next big thing: a controller that measures and detects a players physiology and can alter game play to make the product more engaging.

Sounds silly? Well the techs at Stanford got the idea after conducting research with Texas Instruments. The main study focused on practical ways of determining a person's mood or behavior based on his/her physiological responses. The results were transferred into a 3D printed plastic pack with sensors that replaced the battery panel on the back of an XBox 360 controller. Lo and behold, the engineers and scientists could gauge a person's response while playing a game.

From there they developed a simple game that allowed for the content to change based on the player's mood. If he or she twitches their nose, it could show agitation, increasing neuo receptor responses in their fingers, and the game can lower the number of enemies on the screen. Or a glazed eye reduces blood flow, causing the fingers to become tepid, and signaling the game that the user is bored, therefore prompting it to throw more enemies at you.

It sounds, well, surreal. A game taking your physical responses and adjusting itself to accommodate your needs.

Freekin' AI's.

There are no responses for a prototype beyond what Stanford has developed with the 360 controller, and this may be something years down the line. We're still getting use to the flimsy nature of motion controls. But virtual reality is not too far behind based on the out pour of responses after Facebook buying Oculus Rift. VR is going to happen. Real VR, not VirtuaBoy VR. The gear to accompany it will make a huge impact on how it is received. Stanford, go patent your 3D printed sensor while you can.


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