Monday, April 21, 2014

What Happened To Tropes Vs. Women?

It dawned on me a few weeks back that I haven't seen any updates from Sarkeesian or from the website directly about the series. Since earning over $150,000, the initial 4 episodes was expanded to 12 and was expected to release on a monthly basis. Given the format of the videos, that seems fairly reasonable. Even if you include the time it would take to plan out the new videos, break down more games, and develop your position, a video a month seems incredibly reasonable. We've known these were happening since summer of 2012.

And after remembering about Feminist Frequency, I just as quickly forgot about it and moved on to different things in my life to pay attention to. It wasn't until late last night while playing Cards Against Humanity that I remembered I was suppose to check up on this and see if a new video has been posted.

The short answer is no. The last release was November 18,2013 with the Ms. Male Character and only 4 videos have aired from March 0f 2013 to today.

If I were a backer I would be a bit miffed right now. The time frame for producing these videos seems incredibly extensive. Okay, Sarkeesian has been on speaking tours to colleges, universities, gaming expos including GDC. She's a busy woman and congrats to her on her success. This was much more then she probably anticipated, and maybe we'll see some positive changes in the gaming industry because of it. But we're looking at 4 video releases in the course of 14, going on 15, months. For $150 grand.

But if are a backer and have checked your Kickstarter account lately, you would know that as of early February, 3 more episodes are in the works.  I've done a bit of digging and haven't found any sources, photos - links - or otherwise, that indicate what the topics will be about. Her backers must be keeping it a safeguarded secret, or they weren't informed of the subject matter either. From an academic standpoint, I want to continue supporting this project and raise awareness about the importance of critical thinking/application to video games. But these delays have me concerned. Help restore my faith in the project, Sarkeesian.


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