Wednesday, April 02, 2014

You Crazy Gaming Devs.

Yesterday, for those who did not know, was April Fools. A day where it's "okay" to play a prank or a joke on someone and not expect dire consequences. I personally do not delve into this quasi-non-holiday, so I avoid pretty much everything on the internet and do not believe any facts until April 2nd. It's difficult to take any news seriously when it is April 1st .

So in semi-honor of the not-holiday, I've rounded up some of the jokes of the internet from gamers and gaming companies alike that occurred yesterday.

The BioWare store added some interesting items to their catalog, including the Garrus Vakarian Body Pillow and chest hair from some manly Dragon Age folks. But try adding it to your cart...nope! April Fools! Not real items!

Seriously. BW. We want that body pillow. We will buy it. MAKE IT HAPPEN! >.>

Blizzard goes nuts on April Fools, from a fake patch update to World of Warcraft, a fake Startcraft II name game 3 release, and a fakie new game. They're not afraid to throw it all out there to piss off some fans.

Frostbite had a field day about their new engine working for the Wii-U. And it's kind of funny how super serious people were getting about it. Too bad EA had to ruin the fun and deny all of the rumors. It's April Fools guys. Relax a little!

How about some Optimus Prime in your Titanfall? Respawn Entertainment went all out on this joke, creating not only the webpage, but a video trailer!

Riot Games announced a game-breaking add on to League of Legends, that gives infinite mana and energy to all competitors. Insane, right? Well's true.Ultra Rapid Fire will be available starting next week. I want to watch the impending lulz on this.

And not to be left out Google had it's own fun creating a Google Maps Pokémon, with an app and everything! Totally fake, but nifty idea for a future project.


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