Monday, May 12, 2014

GLADD, Why No Games?

After Nintendo made it abundantly clear last week that it will not include same-sex relationships in the upcoming Tomogachi game (many of their products do not touch on the notion of love and romance anyway...they're kid games for the most part), with GLADD firing back, and a subsequent apology,  one game developer asked why the group has yet to include video games in their yearly media awards.

Good question!

"Wouldn't it be great to honor and recognize outstanding examples in video games who strive for inclusion, rather than weigh in on this issue in a public manner for negative reasons instead of positive ones?" ~ Justin Amirkhani of Vagabond Dog

I think so! There are a number of games out there that embrace the reality of the complexity of relationships and gender. GLADD's awards even give praise to comic books. Comic Books! A male domain where same sex concepts are as rare as a blue moon. Or a chicken that won't peck out Link's eyes. So if GLADD can see the good in comic books, why not video games too? And given how in-depth video games can depict people and relationships, and making the experiences more interactive, it seems rather silly to not have them included in the annual awards. From a technical stand-point, more goes into the development of a character then a comic book or tv show because the image, personality, voice, movement, etc. all need to be built from the ground up. It could be argued that more emphasis to create a real character is placed on game worlds, and as such, relationships become as much apart of the development as anything else.

So GLADD, what say you?


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