Twitchy Google

Google may be buying up Twitch, and creating an online video empire by having two of the largest streaming services on the web. Don't forget, they own the YouTube. According to the WallStreet Journal (apologies that the only link available requires you to have an account to see the full story), the talks on acquisition are in the early stages. But other sources are saying that Twitch has already solidified the deal for $1 billion USD. Another states that Twitch would only offer up shares of the company, but enough to give Google majority stake.

Still, big news! Google is taking over. I told you so.

What does it mean to gamers? Well on the plus, sharing videos from Twitch to YouTube, or even direct streaming to YouTube with games could become a likely reality. There are ways to do it now, but the work arounds are tedious and not always reliable. On the negative, this will change Twitch's policies with the XBoxOne and PS4. Copyright issues are always a challenge with YouTube and many companies take action against those posting videos of games. Most of the time it's a request to remove the video. Sometimes, legal action is involved. If the ability to stream to YouTube becomes seamless, you better believe there will be more restrictions on the Twitch app to prevent this from happening.