Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Web Link RoundUp!

Well, another con plague has hit. I'll have a Dallas Comic Con review posted eventually. But today, you get a web roundup.

Can Video Games Teach Your Child To Be A Better Person? I don't know, but hey, it's a Yahoo story that is not a paid advertisement! And the follow-up, Finding the Good in Video Games. They were stretching with the article.

5 Games To Play With Your Significant Others. And not just any games, but the best! Ryaman Legends and Mario Kart Wii are two I would agree with. So, okay list. You can exist.

There's a Pastor in Cincinatti who is using video games to promote critical thinking skills. That's quite a lofty goal. Read that as "he's using the games to teach kids about the Bible." But really all he's doing is asking kids what they play, and then turning it into "this is what the Bible teaches us." Unless I'm reading it wrong.

I'm sick. Leave me alone.

And finally, What Video Games Teach Us About World War II. Okay, now this could be a good article. There are a number of war games on the market and quite a few strive for an authentic experience. Well actually if you read through it, the writer points out some of the key mistakes a lot of those games make, and the need to scrutinize these products because they are not accurately teaching history. Well, no they're not. They are games meant to entertain. Nothing on the box says it's an educational tool. But I can understand where the writer is coming from. Games like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty are prompting people to want to learn more about history. That's great! But the influence of those games can turn and cause more trouble.


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