Wednesday, June 04, 2014

2.4 Billion Hours of Gaming

People! We have watched over 2.4 billion hours of others playing video games via the internet. Watching is a relative term though. I like it for the background noise while I craft. Others may feel the same way, but it still didn't stop us from using all that bandwidth to get into the gaming action.

And it's only getting started.

It's predicted that we'll reach just about 4 billion viewing hours this year, potentially up to 7 billion by 2018 to account for 90% of online viewing. eSports is a big business and early advertisers were smart to get in on the ground floor while they could.

The joy of watching someone play a video game is in it's simplicity. We want to be a part of the action even when we're miles away. And there's no better way to unwind after a long day then to go online and watch a couple of "Let's Play" videos of people doing stupid things in video games. I'm still enjoying RoosterTeeth and their myriad of shenanigans with GTAV.


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