Thursday, June 05, 2014

Final Fantasy Panel Time!

Hey Geek Spot fans. I'll be out and away over the next few days at a convention, so posts will be light.

When I return, I'll be posting up a mini-overview of one of the topics I'm presenting over the weekend: The Mythos and Mythology of Final Fantasy. Not because I'm a Final Fantasy fangirl (and am I ever!), but I really enjoy discussing video games and anime on academic levels. And with the newest track offered by the convention, I finally feel like there is a place where I can present these panels without raised eyebrows.

This particular panel started as a simple concept: what has Final Fantasy done to influence other games outside of it's genre. And it grew from there. I also wanted to create a panel that had general appeal - something that the name would draw people in but be non-threatening. When I host or teach a panel, I don't like to throw around fancy words. I want the material to be accessible to everyone of any background. Elevating the dialogue doesn't mean that we have to elevate the language and make people feel inferior (when they are not).

I'll have the panel up after I return, and hopefully video coverage as well. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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