Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Largest Game collection Sold!

First things first, Anita Sarkeesian FINALLY posted another Tropes vs. Women video. I'll try to watch it during lunch today. That was a long waiting time...

Capitalizing on his internet fame with owning the largest video game collection in the world, Michael Thomasson has sold his Guinness Book record collection for $750,250 via GameGavel (a website that auctions video games, duh). That is an insane amount of cash. 1/4 of the games are still factory sealed, and it took nearly 3 decades to accumulate the stash. While there weren't many bids (it's a lot of flippin' games after all), Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey even got in on the bidding war.

The winner of the auction will also receive a lifetime subscription to Retro Magazine.

I wonder how the website verifies that the bids are legitimate, and if they offer a payment plan. That seems like an incredibly large lump sum that someone would not be willing to part with so quickly.


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