Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So, Who Wants To Invest In Capcom With Me?

Capcom has decided to stop in it's defensive buyout plan, which now leaves nearly 51% of the company's shares open for purchase. In 2008, they began this attempt to stop any other companies from potentially buying them out and shutting down the business. The most I can assume is that some of the current stockholders are tired of digging their feet in the ground and are looking for a new direction.

The game developer's sales have not been strong over the past few years. Sporting a 90.4% fall in profits in one quarter of 2010, and then their interesting use of terminology to some of their fans, Capcom has not captured the attention of gamers for a few years. So is it a surprise that investors are okay with selling off a few shares?

Yes and no. Yes I could see why Capcom would want to bring in more stock sales. No in that it's 51%. If any one company or one person is able to afford the price tag, they own the majority of the company. They can influence the direction of business, and out-vote everyone else. Capcom did release a press statement that they will review all offers carefully and ensure that whomever purchases the stock will do it with the best interest of the company at heart, and they want to increase the value of their stock.

It's not a good month for Capcom. On Monday, long-time Street Fighter executive producer Yoshinori Ono, handed in his resignation from Capcom Vancouver to focus on other projects within the company.

So, who's with me? Care to invest a few million dollars? We can make better Resident Evil games, a new Megaman, and finally translate all of the Ace Attorney games for English releases.


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