Tuesday, July 08, 2014

All Fired Up

Me:[blank] this is [blank]. How can I help?

Employee: Yeah this is store XYZ. I need to do a balance transfer to a new [rewards card].

Me: No problem. Have the old card number?

Employee: It’s pretty banged up but I think it’s [blank].

Me: Customer name is [blank]?

Employee: Yeah. That’s him. He burned this up pretty bad.

Me: …he set the card on fire?

Employee: Yep. Said it was an accident, dropped it over a candle, but I don’t believe him. He was mad last week when we were out of stock of a game and threatened to not shop with us again. You know how that goes.

Me: Yeah.

Employee: Like half of this thing is melted, and the other half is charred. I think he held it over a stove and intentionally destroyed it.

Me: Because I have to ask, what makes you think that?

Employee: His right hand is covered in bandages. I guess he changed his mind when he remembered credit on the card.


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