Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fact Check!

Mark O’Mara, a CNN legal analyst, stated the following on July 16th via CCN Tonight:

"Literally, by the time a child is 18 years of age, they‘ve killed over 100,000 people in video games and other online things."


I'm surprised that other gaming blogs haven't picked up on this. It's also a gross overselling of an invalid fact. I.E. He has no proof. That's exactly what Pundit Fact wanted to find out. In doing so, they have stated some very obvious things that sadly bear repeating. Not every kid plays violent video games. Not every game is played the same way. Even the ESRB has no idea where O’Mara got his magical statistic. A player can run through Grand Theft Auto and never harm a single person, but still achieve the game's end goal.

O’Mara's spokesperson called it a "napkin calculation," but claims that the numbers should still be valid. Pundit did find gamers willing to confirm the claim, but some games have an even higher kill count then 100k.

Does that make them bad kids or adults? No. All of the comments have stated in some form or another that the players are able to delineate reality and fantasy. So the numbers are just that. Numbers. They mean nothing. Thanks Pundit Fact for posting results that make sense and not twisting this into a terror story that kids are becoming monsters because of video games. I'm looking at you Fox News.


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