Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Football Players Want NCAA Video Games Back!

That whole to-do with Electronic Arts and the NCAA about the franchise games? Well according to recent interviews and surveys by current SEC and ACC players say they really don't care about the litigation, nor about potential compensation. They just want NCAA Football '15.

Around this time last year, the NCAA ended their deal with EA for licensing out their brand for sports games due to ongoing lawsuits regarding current and former college player's likenesses being used without consent. Last month, the figures that EA would have to pay back to former NCAA players was released. This has been a "fight" years in the making and only recently came to a conclusion.

To the college football fans and players...this isn't an easy fix. Drafting up a new contract that both EA and the NCAA are content with will take a minimum of a year, and a lot of lawyers will be involved. This is assuming the NCAA hasn't already picked another publisher to go with. NCAA '15 is not going to happen. But I do find it interesting that of the few that argue what EA did was wrong, a number of the athletes that were "supposedly harmed" really don't give a crap. They just want their game back.

'Boston College center Andy Gallik said players sometimes discuss getting paid, "but at the same time we've come to the realization where I'm at a school where I don't have to pay a dime of my $250,000 for tuition. ... I'm a little disappointed the game is gone. Every year all of the college guys would be excited to see our faces in the college game and pretend to be ourselves." '

This is an argument that has been the center of attention over the past year: should college athletes be paid for the schools profiting from them, or are they being paid with a free education? (Well, not all of those athletes are being paid for their school courses. Ask the vollyball and rowing teams how little their scholarships cover.)

I doubt that the NCAA will be willing to go back to EA. They won't without asking for a larger cut of the sales, and blank slate players that look nothing like the young adults that are currently on the teams.


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