Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Google Twitch

VentureBeat is reporting that Google and Twitch may have reached a deal to have the streaming gaming service become another component of the Empire. I posted about the proposal back in May, and it's unsurprising that it is coming to fruition. Twitch is the NOW of gaming and it has a longevity that many developers are overlooking. Google sees the potential and they will be cashing in on it.

The purchase is rumored to be worth roughly $1 billion USD. Terms and conditions of the sale are still under wraps and we don't know what exactly will happen to Twitch. Well, obviously it's still going to be in business. If anything, the move will make the transition from Twitch to YouTube much easier, and gamers can benefit off of YouTube's higher quality output (720+, woo!). But it can come with a lot of strings. Maybe users will be forced to get a Google account to get onto Twitch. Maybe only certain recording software will be allowed, and it has to be a Google brand. Maybe Microsoft and Sony decide that this new move does not mesh with their company image and pull Twitch from their next-gen consoles. There are a myriad of questions without responses. Both Google and Twitch reps declined to comment on any article regarding the purchase.

I'm keeping a positive outlook on this. A seamless gaming experience is something gamers always want, and this is another step closer.


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