Friday, July 18, 2014

Mobile Game's Rise...Through A Kardashian?

Wow. I'm talking about Kim Kardashian and Lindsey Lohan within the space of a week. Hey video games! Quit trying to be cool and cater to the normal people!

Jokes aside, blogging about video games I never expected to cross paths with these people. And maybe it's good that I did not see it coming. It means games are becoming more main stream, more involved, and easily accepted.

The game that I'm talking about is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a mobile game developed by Glu Mobile. Since launching less then a month ago, June 25 to be exact, it has reportedly taken in over $200 million U.S. dollars. Holy. Crap. For a free to play model, no less. That's a lot for less then a month of release. EA would love numbers like that. And for a game that had a very short development cycle, it's a big win for the developers as well. Kardashian herself could walk away with up to 45% of the profits, according to the contract that one source claims to have seen. Whether that's true or not, we don't know. Kardashian did lend her voice to the game and her likeness.

It's a simple premise. You are a rising star or starlet, and Kardashian guides you though how to be a celebrity. This involves choosing your clothing and dodging mean tweats. Because...celebrities don't hire people to handle that for them.

We can rag on the fact that this is a game completely pandering to the greater public whom, for some reason we can not fathom, are interested in all things Kim Kardashian (a women who is famous simply by being famous). But we can also look at this as a powerful story on the growth of mobile gaming. It has clout. It needs to be taken seriously by big name developers. Gaming is evolving and moving to other mediums. Growth is a good thing, people.


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