Friday, July 04, 2014

Not Girly Enough

(Note: I'm going to mark these with the same tags of  "bad customer stories, video game stories, not always right" so they are easier to locate.)

Me: Thank you for calling [blank], how can I help you?

Customer: I want to make a complaint. This store won’t help me!

Me: Okay. What did you need assistance with? Maybe I can help you?

Customer: No! You’re a girl. You don’t know about games. Only a man can help.

Me: That’s fine, sir. What is your complaint against the store?

Customer: I bought this game and I didn’t like it. So I want to return it. But these guys won’t let me. Said I can’t. I can’t beat this one part and it’s too annoying to keep. I don’t want it anymore so I should get my money back.

Me: Sir, did you buy the game new or used?

Customer: Used. I think.

Me: When did you buy it?

Customer I dunno. Maybe like a month or so ago. I should be able to return it.

Me: Apologies but our policy clearly states that we are unable to offer a refund outside 30 days of purchase for a used product.. Now if you’re polite with the employee, they may allow you to exchange it for a different, used game, but a refund would not be allowed.
Customer: I knew it! I knew a girl wouldn’t get it. Let me talk to your supervisor. I need a man to help me.

Me: Certainly sir. One moment please. (I zoned out at this point. The “girl” argument was too common to me, and I transferred the call to one of the male supervisors available. 5 minutes later…)

Supervisor: Hey [blank]. Apparently he’s having trouble with a boss in Final Fantasy 10. Want the call back? (He snickers.)

Me: Please!

Supervisor: (loud enough for half the room to hear) Sir. I think we can help you. Let me transfer you to our expert in Final Fantasy games, who may be able to assist you with your problem.

Me: Thank you for holding. This is [blank]. So which boss is giving you trouble? I’ve been reading through the GameFaq’s forums that people believe Anima is the most difficult, but I think he’s quite easy to handle if you just do [this, this, and this].  (And yes, I gave myself a good 2 minutes to practice that.)

Customer: F*** you! (hangs up).


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