Friday, July 25, 2014

That One Time Where the Fire Alarm Was Not a Drill…

(We had drills maybe once every 2-3 months. But it was constant enough that we generally ignored it, and kept working because it’s customer service. Who cares about us? They tested the alarms on weekends constantly. Luckily, I was out of Customer Service at this point. So the stories I share are from co-workers on that fateful day).

(Fire Alarm Blaring)

Agent #1: Sir, I’m so sorry. But I have to disconnect the call. The fire alarm is going off and it is not a drill.

Customer: What? Alarm? You’re supposed to help me!

Agent #1: I apologize, but I really have to hang up. There is a fire in the building. Please call back later.

Customer: You have to stay and help! I’ll file a complaint against you!

Agent #1: Go ahead then. My safety is more important. *hangs up*

(Fun fact: I heard later that this person did get a verbal warning for what was said to the customer…/sigh)

Agent #2: Ma’am, our fire alarm is going off. I’ll have to end this call.

Customer: Oh. It might be a drill. I can hold.

Agent #2: I don’t think this is a drill. Usually we stay when that happens.

Customer: It’s fine. Just put me on hold. I can wait.

Agent #2: Okay… (Flustered, he placed the woman on hold and left. Over an hour later when we could return, the customer was no longer on hold. The second the agent logged in…) *phone rings*

Customer: I thought it was just a drill! I was on hold forever!

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