Friday, July 11, 2014

The ESRB Exists For a Reason

(The following are the myriad of one liners and notes I have received from customer complaints).

Customer #1, via Employee Written Store Issue: Customer is upset that he could not buy Halo 3. Customer is 12 years of age.

Customer #2 Email: Your STORE wouldn’t let me buy this game for my kid. And now you’ve ruined Christmas. I’m going to walmart to buy grand theft auto. They server their customers!  (not a mistype, I assure you.)
Customer #3 Email: I want this employee fired! He sold us this war game and I didn’t know it would be so violent for my son! He has corrupted my son and I want him gone! He even mocked me when he said “You didn’t see the guns, explosions, and blood on the front cover?” It’s his responsibility to inform me about my purchases!

Customer #4, via Employee Written Store Issue: The customer wants to know if we can change the ESRB rating on a game so he can buy it for his kid.

Customer #5, via Employee Written Store Issue: Customer wants to complain that the employee gave him too much information about the game’s content and the ESRB, and wants the product for free since “the story is now ruined.”

Customer #6 Email: im 28 and never asked id when I buy beer. why should I for games?

Customer #7-85 Email: Why is Halo rated M?


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