Tuesday, July 15, 2014

There is no F in Math

Me: Hi this is [blank] with customer service. I have a store issue sent in from a customer, and wanted to get more details.

Employee: Umm…is this the guy over the Buy 2, Get 1 deal?

Me: Known issue then?

Employee: Let me get the manager.

Manager: Hi there. So he filed a complaint, huh?

Me: Guess you are aware of it. From the way his complaint reads, you all denied him the deal without a valid reason. But I want to get your side of the story.

Manager: To put it bluntly, he failed at math.

Me: (snickers)

Manager: He came in for the deal and brought up 5 games to the counter. They all qualified, but again, only 5 games. My employee scanned them, gave him his total, and he started to make a ruckus that two of the games should have been free. My employee stated that it was buy 2, get 1 free, not a buy one get 1. The customer needed one more game to get one more for free, right? But the guy wasn’t getting it. I was called out to help and tried to explain it. I spread the games out on the counter and showed the customer how it all worked. You know that this game and this game he was buying, so this one was free. This game and that one are also being purchased but without a third, there was no free game. He started swearing and raising trouble, so I asked him to leave before he was kicked out by security.

Me: Got it. We’ll let the customer know that he does not have a valid complaint.

Manager: And that he needs to go back to third grade math class.


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