Monday, July 21, 2014

Thou Shalt Not Buy

(A customer called in asking our return policy for a used item. It was a fairly normal conversation until…)

Customer: This game is for heathens!

Me: Ma’am?

Customer: Why would they put so much filth into a game? Games are meant for children.

Me: Well ma’am, it’s up to the developers on what they put in their products. And the parents can make decisions on what is appropriate for their child.

Customer: Heathens and sinners, I tell you. I can ‘not’ believe I was mislead to believe this was a family game!

Me: Ma’am, since it’s a used product, and you have your receipt, and you’re within 7 days, you can get a refund or a replacement of the game to something else. Your local store will take care of you.

Customer: How can I trust them when they can’t protect me from such demonizing games?

Me: Well ma’am, I apologize about that. But if you give them a chance, they’ll make it right. Our stores know the policies and can help you with a refund. Or if you don’t want to visit that location, any [blank] store will assist.

Customer: Killing and violence, it is just a sin what this game is showing. And such a Godly title should not have been used in vain. The Lord would be appalled if he could see this.

Me: May I ask what game this is?

Customer: God of War. Anything with God in the title has to be Christian, and I hope those men who made this game go to hell for their actions. They clearly hate God.

(I bit my tongue for the rest of the conversation, but apparently the muscular, half-naked man with bloody swords on the cover art was enough “good Christian values” to convince the customer to buy it. Wonder if she or her kids ever got to the naked women.)


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