Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Untold Customer Gaming Stories!

July will be game story month, where I will post the antics of former coworkers and customers who patron at a certain game retailer.

While I’m no longer under the thumb of the law for the contract I signed back when I was employed, to be safe I’m going to keep names anonymous. But if you have read this blog before, you already know where this is going.

When I use to work for this company, I was in their customer service call center, which handled all online interactions with the website store, and any calls for the brick and mortar locations. I eventually moved to emails, store issues (where every and any complaint about a physical store was cycled to me), BBB liaison, substitute team leader when the rest were busy and/or out, and finally order verification/store support. Short of being tech support for stores, I have done EVERYTHING one could do with customer service for that company, and then some. My stories are legit. I have read tens of thousands of complaints in the 3.5 years I worked there, overhead thousands more from the phones, and have experienced these issues in stores when I visited as a customer.

It’s time to share these stories to the world.

The format will be similar to NotAlwaysRight.com for ease of reading. First up…


(I am at a store as a customer, pre-ordering a few titles and talking with one of the employees at the counter when a male customer walked in with a Nintendo Wii box and dropped it next to the register.)
Customer: I need to return this! It doesn’t work.
Employee at register: Okay. Well we can’t do a return but we might be able to exchange it. What’s the issue?
Customer: It doesn’t work! You turn it on and boof. Nothing. (Yes, he did say boof.)
Employee: Let’s take a look at it…(as he says this to lift the box, a pool of water settles on the counter along with a strong odor. He places the box back down instantly.) Sir. The system is wet. We can’t take this back.
Customer: Yes you can! I have receipt.
Employee: We can exchange it if it’s a manufacturer defect. Getting the system wet is not a defect.
Customer: It was sold to me like this. Told it would be fine.
Employee: Sir, I doubt that. My employees know to never sell electronics that are wet.
Customer: You calling me a liar? I have receipt! I can return system!
(At this point the smell has become so potent, we can smell it from the other end of the counter.)
Employee #2: Wow. Did a pet, um, urinate on the system?
Customer: No! You sold it like this! That is defect. I need return.
Employee: Sir, I need for you to remove this from the store. It’s a health hazard. Otherwise, I will have to dispose of it.
Customer: I can get a refund then?
Employee: No! The system is a biohazard. I’ll have to close down and clean up the store. You need to take your system and leave, or it will be thrown away. We can’t have this out harming other customers.
Customer: I demand refund! Where is your manager? He will sort this.
(And this is where I took pity on the employees and jumped in. Mostly because I was annoyed and grossed out. And one of the few times I grew a backbone, cause dangit, this was messing up my day off!)
Me: Sir, I can do one better. I work at customer service in the corporate office.
Customer: Good! You can help me get a refund.
Me: Before you even start, I’d like to direct you to the back of your receipt where it clearly outlines the return policy. The policy is also located in the store in oversized letters up there, over there, and at the front door. You bought a brand new game system. New products once open are not eligible for a refund. Ever. An exchange can only be offered ‘IF’ the system is defective within the first 7 days of purchase. Defective only applies to manufacturer defects made at the facility who built the system. This does not cover any damage by pets, animals, by kicking, throwing, punching it, or acts of God. You broke your system. We cannot help you. I can only tell you to contact Nintendo and they might be able to repair it.
Customer: So…no refund?
Me: No refund.
Customer: I will call your corporate! This is unfair treatment! I should get you all fired for discrimination!
(Thankfully he took the system with him out of the store, but not without leaving a trail of pee drops behind and kicking down a cardboard display in the process. The store had to be closed for the rest of the day for clean-up. Sure enough, the guy did try to file an official store complaint. It went directly into the trash.)


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