Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hackers Continue To Target Sony & Other Devs

Is it really all that surprising that gaming companies are getting hack attempts all the time? Okay, well maybe it's the large number that is concerning. Research from Dell SecureWorks, a security firm, have found that the numbers are way larger then we ever expected. Hackers in China for years have been breaking into American companies for source code to gamers, to unlock them for free and resell them on the black market at a much cheaper price.

It isn't just one developer in particular, but all of them. Nintendo has reported 15 million attempts. Yeah. Million. Wow.

And breaking in is fairly simple. It is just a matter of patience. Dell SecureWorks' researches have found that in many cases, the hackers will do recon work on the employees working for these companies. Many of them are well known (we all follow Kojima on twitter after all) and have public profiles. From there it's a matter of trying out a multitude of user name and password combinations until one of them is a win. Instead of email scams, hackers are using "brute force" to break into the company's systems.

Right now there is little that can be done, other then the companies being on alert and fighting back where they can. There is no joint coalition to stop them, nor a call to curb the hacking. Dell has released the report with the websites and hacking groups that are the primary sources.

But it doesn't really make us feel better, does it? Hackers over the weekend brought down the PlayStation server once again, along with making a bomb threat on an American Airlines flight that one of SOE's exec John Smedley was traveling on. (Seriously people...I'm traveling out of Dallas THIS WEEK. Did you have to pick the Dallas to Cali flight? The airport is going to be a bear to deal with. Thanks. -_-) Battle.net and Riot's servers also took a hit from DDoS attacks over the weekend. All potentially to get into the company's systems for game coding. But really, this is just another annoyance to the rest of us that want to game. While I don't agree with hacking as a general rule, Anonymous at least has some moral good behind their efforts. Go over there the rest of you. I just want to play my game without disruption, okay?

Aside: Yes, I do realize that the Mario Kart mod is a bit silly, but it is amusing. Pimped out Mario, rolling in a Mecedes. Wrong type of hacking, but funny.


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