Monday, September 22, 2014

Games For Ice Cream To Raise Domestic Violence Awareness?

Throughout the month of October, the Marin County California will have a buyback program for all violent video games and toy guns in exchange for ice cream. Why? Well to raise awareness for Domestic Abuse. Because, you know, abuse starts with kids playing video games and toy guns. Right?

Well that's pretty much the thought process we've all concluded from this attempt - another one from California to pull video games from the hands of kids. District Attorney Ed Berberian had a firearm buyback program 2 years ago that was so successful, they had to find donations to help cover purchases towards the end. This time he is joining with Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and the Center for Domestic Peace to get families to live a "violence-free" lifestyle by turning in their games. Again for ice cream, because that will always motivate kids to give up their toys. Any cash donations will go to the Center for Domestic Peace. Not sure what will happen to the games or toy guns. They'll probably get sent to a landfill.

"As we know domestic violence incidents almost always have children present and these children develop over time imprinted images of the family violence[.] These children then carry those experiences into their adult lives and often repeat the pattern of violence in their own family units."

Basically, he's equating violent games to affecting children and in turn, they'll grow up to be violent adults responsible for domestic abuse.

Yes. It's backwards logic given that we have no decisive evidence that violent gaming can affect children negatively. A quick search through The Geek Spot and you can see the results. For as many articles that exist that 'try' to prove it, there are twice as many that rebuke the claims with facts.

Now this isn't to say that we shouldn't focus on domestic violence. It's good to see a community coming together to talk about the issue and bring awareness to it. But by lumping in video games and toy guns overshadows the true reasons on why violence happens in the first place: family life, mental illness, substance abuse, etc. By shifting the focus onto video games, the buyback program is doing the opposite of its intent. Video games are not the problem. Dig into the family situation to understand why the violence is occurring in the first place.


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