Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekly Link Roundup

Time for another weekly round-up. There are a few...interesting stories surfing the internet this week. And it would be wrong of me to keep them all to myself, so it's time to share!

Video games may influence war in the future - This is according to the U.S. based think tank Atlantic Council. In a project titled "Art of Future Warfare," they are data mining narrative fiction and interactive media for real-world insights. The idea is to alter the perception of war from how we traditionally view it, and in turn it may change the face of conflict altogether. They even called in Call of Duty director Dave Anthony to assist. So war may, one day, be an alternate reality video game...maybe.

Kabedon - Awkward translated it means "wall thump," and a Japanese marketing firm is using that as a way to sell dating simulation games. How does it happen? Well take a semi-agressive, but still endearing, gentlemen, and trap a woman against a wall. Tell her how pretty she is and there you go. I know, it sounds weird and kind of scary but it's something that's done in movies and in a LOT of Japanese anime and manga all the time. There's a thrill and sensation to being cornered in such a way, but to still feel safe because the man before you is handsome and not likely to hurt you. >.> Yeah it is weird. But leave it to the Japanese to make it a thing that they use real-life simulation to promote video games at the Tokyo Game Show. Prepare to be uncomfortable!

Video Game Incubator - It really isn't what you think it is, but it sounds very strange. I almost wish that they used the term "think tank" or "educational council" instead of incubator. Because, again, it sounds strange and it's probably confusing people. But it's a group of developers and gamers that want to educated and build a technical community. Incubator. Bad word choice. And it's used all over the article!

Venezuelan steel workers are demanding video games in their contract - It's actually something they proposed in their contracts, along with more pay to improve their living conditions. Not to actually game on the job, mind you, but to provide for their families.

Oh, and Hyrule Warriors is out. Go forth and game!


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