Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Forbes Wants Gaming Journalists To Confront #GamerGate

Erik Kain from Forbes spent an hour with other gaming journalists (Greg Tito, Janelle Bonanno, and John Bain) to discuss #GamerGate and to raise a call to journalists to start responding. The reason that #GamerGate is such a big deal amongst "gamers" and journalists is the lack of response from said gaming websites. Out of fear for backlash or drop in subscription numbers, they have remained silent on a response. The few that have attempted to post pieces that question gaming society have been hit with protests. Why would someone willingly want to be involved in that mess? It's best to stay quiet and avoid the conflict.

This is an issue years in the making. Not #GamerGate, but the conflict between gaming journalists and their readers. And instead of actively engaging their readers to try and think outside of their box, they hide and wait on the recent episode to blow over before they go back to business as usual. It's unhealthy for all sides. No one should be harassed/ostracized for having an opinion. Writers of reviews, it's okay to defend your work because they are your opinions. And "gamers" it's okay to not agree with someone's point of view. But don't be a dick. Death threats and boycotts just because someone doesn't agree with you is childish and makes the community look like a bunch of 8 year-old's (still!). I would hope that by now, 2014, people would see that gamers are diverse, but the actions as of late still relegate us to the stereotype of 8 year old boys or 30 year old, overweight virgins, still living at home with the parents.

Kain will be hosting several of these over the upcoming week. I hope that journalists begin to respond. They need to.


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