New Hashtag Alert - #INeedDiverseGames

I'm still looking for the source on this one (found the source! see the edit below), but it has been prominent on Twitter since October 3rd and has not stopped. Which is good. Because we want diversity with our games, right? I know I do. I'm tired of the same Call of Duty every year wrapped in a new package. "We gave you jet packs. That's different!" Sure, but the lead character is still a straight, white male and I'm still shooting Nazi zombies. Whoopie.

Not to dismiss the coolness of jet packs, there are people who play video games (some may call themselves gamers) that would like more diversity in content - not just with their heroes and heroines but in plots and game play. This is possibly in response to #GamerGate, but of course what isn't with the volatile nature of Twitter and tagging currently. While a number of the Twitter comments are regarding race and male/female main character genders, some people are taking it that extra step and talking about all of the content of the games.

I'm honest to myself when I say that games today do not appeal to me. Not because of gender or race issues, but that I haven't seen anything new in years. It's the same copy and paste formula that so many developers use that prevent me from purchasing new products from the big-name publishers. I'll need to double check the receipts, but the last game that I have from one of the big boys was GTA5. Before that it was the Mass Effect trilogy in 2012 simply so I could have it on PC and it was on the cheap. Earlier then that and I couldn't tell you. I've been focusing my purchases on indie developers introducing new and different content. Sometimes that's a silly romp in Goat Simulator, or exploring the complexity of Papers Please. It may not seem like gripping gaming the likes of World of Warcraft, but it's different.

Being different is good. Being unique is exciting. Embrace if developers! Gamers are asking for change because we're tired of the repeats. You can throw all the jet packs that you want at us; they don't cover up the fact that you're giving us the same old game in an HD package. We want change all around.

Jet packs can be included.

Edit: Well in a fun turn of events, the founder of the hashtag messaged me! I feel special. :D Under the Twitter handle Cypheroftyr, the tag was not created to talk about #GamerGate but general unhappiness with the industry.

"I was just literally mad about games and how I can't be the hero and Ubisoft and their too hard to animate the wimmins, etc. I'm just... not happy with the state of the industry and how it still doesn't see me. In AAA or Indie."

Kojima can give us real time horse poop, but Ubisoft can't give us a female Assassin. (I will continue to use MGS5, horse poo, and Ubisoft in the same sentence for as long as I can.)

And it's a good message. A lot of us are unhappy with video games, not only the sexism, but the lack of anything new or original. We want new shiz!

More content can be found on the 'Why I Need Diverse Games' tumblr. Thanks for the response Cypheroftyr!