Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sarkeesian Cancels Utah Talks

Warning: Foul language and very opinionated piece incoming. I'll have a cleaner post later today.

To all of those who oppose those individuals who are questioning video games, actively looking at them from a scholastic point of view, and promoting diversity, I say this...

Go fuck yourself.

I've dealt with enough harassment being a gamer that would last 10 life times. To see gaming grow in the academic field over the past 5 years has been a dream I never imagine would happen. To actively discuss the concepts and theories of gaming is extraordinary now that people are listening to us and realize that "hey - this is a real field of study."

And then shit happens like #GamerGate happens. Now they're fucking with our academics.

Anita Sarkeesian was to speak at Utah State University for a series of talks via the Center for Women and Gender Studies. But someone decided it wasn't appropriate and sent a violent threat to the school to prevent her from appearing. Sarkeesian has cancelled, not because of the threat, but because she didn't feel the security would be adequate given the school's limited resources and not wanting to put others in harm. For those who don't know, Utah is a concealed gun-carry state including on campuses. They would not be able to check everyone for weapons at the event. Sarkeesian and the Game Developer's Choice Awards were threatened last month under bomb terrorism for similar circumstances: we don't want her around. The event went off without a problem - but they also had the money to screen for extra security.

People of the world who support #GamerGate, what the fuck is wrong with you?

It's bad enough that you're going after individuals with threats of violence and death. But now you're targeting academics as well? Are women and minorities not allowed to study gaming either?  Apparently they're not allowed to learn at all if they have to threaten a school to get their point across.

Go fuck yourself. Never mess with my scholastic endeavors.


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