Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Semblance Augmented Reality

Moving gaming outside of the confines of the home has been a long-term struggle for inventors. The best has been hand-held portable devices such as GameBoy, Nintendo DS, and the Sony PSP. Mobile phones have been the most active lately, but tend to be relegated to simple game-play for ease of starting and stopping while you're taking the train to work - they're not meant for long term Battlefield matches. As companies push for virtual reality, Oculus Rift, and full-body motion sensors, gaming continues to be defined by what happens in the home. Mark Skwarek wants to change that.

Through Kickstarter he raised over $30,000 to produce Semblance Augmented Reality (AR). AR is not new by any stretch, but it's become more mainstream thanks to fitness trackers, smart watches, and Google Glass. Skwarek has developed a set of glasses that takes video games out of the television and into reality by allowing the game to overlay on the surrounding environment. Manhattan could be the next puzzle ground as you walk and play. The wearable technology hopes to take things a step further and integrate them into our daily lives from work to school. The example used in the article suggests a repair crew fixing a mud pump on an oil rig, can activate a step by step manual through their glasses or watch to sit over said pump.

It's interesting, but still very much in it's infancy. The general public is not going to immediately jump into this technology. Google Glass is still in the early stages. Since releasing in February of 2013, GG has reached a niche audience. I live in and travel to a number of large cities and only recently (as in the past month) did I see someone wearing a pair. People are not ready to have digital images take over their lives. People still want to see the real world. So maybe in time this will be an everyday occurrence. For now, only the hardcore AR nerds will appreciate the wardrobe.

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