Thursday, October 02, 2014

Video Game Ideas On Kickstarter Decline From 2013

Consulting firm ICO Partners has been analyzing Kickstarter projects for 2014, and have reported a decline in crowd funding video games upwards of 20% compared to 2013.  The 20% makes up the number of projects that didn't meet their funding goals. It also means that the massive amount of money raked in has dropped significantly enough for people to be concerned. Nearly $27 million was pledged in the time-frame ICO Partners researched (January 1-June 30) last year. This year, it's just over $13 million. Those are some serious dollars that have been scaled back.

Has gaming crowd funding hit it's peak? Probably, but that doesn't mean that the new norm is going to die off next year. 350 campaigns have been successful this year. It doesn't beat the 446 compared to last year, but it's still a hefty number of projects that were audience approved.

some of this could be attributed to the fact that people who pledged last year are still waiting on content to materialize. With any design or product, it can take years to make and video games are no different. Many companies post an idea on Kickstarter with a few art images, but nothing concrete. When their goal is reached, that's when they can start applying the funds to get work started. They are not working on the product as their campaign begins, nor are they doing it for free before the campaign. They need the funds to build the game. So yes - it's going to be a few years until you see that game you donated money too. As a result, a number of people are holding back on pledging until their game of choice is released (if it releases at all - there's nothing in Kickstarter's guidelines that states that a finished product is required). When they see the results and if they approve, then they may donate again. Because so many new games went up last year, we're seeing a decline. It's not the end of all things Kickstarter with video games, but if you're looking to crowd funding for helping finance your idea, wait it out until some of those 2013 games are in the public's hands.


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